When the ‘silver tsunami’ hits,
will your top talent be washed away?


Are you anticipating an onslaught of retirements
in the next few years?

You are not alone.

There have been warnings of a ‘silver tsunami’ among public sector employees—a wave of baby boomer retirements that could severely impact the workforce. Compounding this problem is the lack of next tier employees whose positions may have been eliminated during the recession, as well as competition from other public agencies trying to fill the same vacancies.

How are you going to face this challenge?

As many organizations have discovered, advertising alone may no longer yield candidates of the caliber desired. And, while hiring an executive search firm may be the answer in some cases, it will likely be prohibitively expensive to fill the looming number of vacancies that are expected.

There is another option . . .

Our consultants have successfully recruited thousands of chief executives and senior level executives for public agencies throughout the nation. To be successful, this starts with getting to know what our clients are looking for in an ideal candidate, and conducting research to target those specific needs.

We are now offering our research services as a stand alone choice for our clients.

Contact us to see how we can cost effectively partner with you
to find the senior-level talent you may be missing.